Promoting Healthier, Cost-Effective, and Green Practices in Real Estate while helping you get the most when buying or selling a home.

Laurie Gaudi – Independent Realtor Broker and the area’s only “green” Certified ® EcoBroker. As part of a family tradition of valley Realtors, Laurie offers over 17 years of Laguna Madre area real estate experience and fourty years of local knowledge to my clients, both local and tourists, 1st time homeowners and resort property investors.  Laurie is uniquely qualified through EcoBroker Certified® Energy & Environmental training to assist buyers and sellers in identifying energy efficient and money saving features to get the most from their home. 

 EcoBroker is an education and certification program for real estate professionals who care about the environment and want to
promote energy-efficient and "green" features in homes and buildings. The EcoBroker® logo is the symbol of environmentally
responsible and sustainable practices in the real estate industry. Certified EcoBrokers® meet buyer and seller demand for real
estate professionals with a real understanding of the issues that drive current market decisions.


Buyer Benefits:

Know more about the potential monthly savings or costs of a home: EcoBrokers® have an understanding of energy efficiency and the costs or
savings associated with insulation, windows, appliances, heating and cooling systems, and other features of your home that affect your monthly
bottom line. Know more about indoor air quality and healthy environments: EcoBrokers® can help you address environmental issues including: indoor air quality, ventilation, use of low VOC paints, quality radon testing, and reliable water testing. Consider building orientation and natural landscaping features: EcoBrokers® understandenergy savings that can be derived from properbuilding orientation and daylighting, overhangs, and placement of trees (for shading and windbreaks).

Seller Benefits:

Get the most from your home or property sale: EcoBrokers® understand energy efficiency and environmental features of homes. Working with your local EcoBroker® ensures you are working withsomeone who can highlight these attributes and their value. Communicate the energy cost savings of your home: EcoBrokers® help you highlight energy efficient features in your home that may help you get the best price for your property. Communicate to buyers the indoor air quality and health benefits of your property or building: EcoBrokers® can help you highlight healthy features of your home's indoor environment. Emphasize building orientation and landscaping features: Your EcoBroker® understands how to properly highlight favorable building orientation and landscaping, when marketing your home. Differentiate Your Listing: Working with an EcoBroker® helps you market your property to the growing number of green-minded consumers and gets your listing the attention it deserves! 


Welcome to my web site. I’ve gathered information here to help you with your real estate needs –

I also have some tips on how to be green since I am the Realtor Gone Green. I needed an outlet for the "greeny" inside me and so I have decided to bring my green philosophy to my work. Being green is important in my personal life.   I recycle, I ride my bike for transportation and pleasure, I have CFI light bulbs in my house, I have a compost pile,  I do my laundry in cold water, etc.  Green is everywhere!  Al Gore has a movie about Global Warming, the Oscars went green this year and Oprah had a show on how to be green. So, I asked myself, "what can I do to make a difference, not only in my life but others?" Then it hit me, I want to be the realtor that has GONE GREEN. I have combined my two passions - real estate and wanting to help the environment - in an effort to help others do the same. I have completed my designation and I am officially an Eco Broker!

                 Easy Tips for being "Green":              

         * Change the most used lights to CFI light bulbs, they are 75% more efficient.

    * Switch to Energy Star appliances, you can cut energy consumption by 20%.

    * Use cold water when washing, over 90% of energy used is to heat the water.

    * Change furnace filter every 3 months and dryer filters every time, it increases efficiency.

    * Install a programmable thermostat.

    * If you are changing flooring opt for bamboo, it is an eco-friendly product.

    * Take a shorter shower, baths can use 50 gallons of water.

    * Use a reusable cloth instead of paper towels to clean.

    * Use cloth napkins instead of paper.

    * Recycle old cell phones (to the SPI Chamber of Commerce) and computers.

    * Switch to Green Mountain Energy, an alternative energy source.

    * Water your lawn in the morning or evening, water evaporates 8X faster in the heat of day.


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